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An Introduction To Fractional Investments

Property investments are recognised as one of the safest and most rewarding routes to achieving a long and sustainable return. However, restrictions on lending, high deposits and legal administrative costs, mean that purchasing property for investment purposes is not always obtainable.

Cash purchasers will benefit from a revenue generating asset within a hotel managed resort, and with prices starting at only £10,000, it is an accessible investment for all budgets.

Fractional Real Estate investing has become increasingly popular and provides many of the benefits available from a typical buy-to-let property, such as rental returns and capital growth, albeit for a “fraction” of the price.

In addition, all of the associated legal fees and taxes are built into the price, removing the usual closing costs on completion. Similarly, ongoing running costs are significantly reduced in line with the percentage ownership that you hold.

The Resort Group PLC are the premier developer of 5-star resorts in The Cape Verde Islands.

As official partners of The Resort Group we currently have operational resorts on Sal Island and TRG are developing luxurious beach-front resorts on the Island Boa Vista, all of which are backed by worldrenowned hotel operators and can be invested into via the fractional route.

MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, our first development, completed in May 2011 and is now a fully operational holiday destination, generating quarterly rental payments for each of its investor clients.

A proven investment since its completion in November 2014, MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and Sol Dunas are a holidaymakers’ dream. The two-part Resort is managed by Meliá Hotels International and their sister brand Sol, with both sides offering everything you could possibly want from all-inclusive luxury.

MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa opened in December 2016 elevates the guest experience in Cape Verde to a new level of excellence. These adult-only all-suite hotels have an array of world-class holiday facilities and, like all of our Sal Island Resorts, are managed in part by Meliá Hotels International, the world’s largest resort hotelier, with the second managed by the exclusive TUI Sensimar brand.

The same principle applies across all of our resorts. Each development is designed to meet the exacting standards of our hotel operator partners to ensure the highest levels of service, facilities and guest experience.

Our Resort properties are marketed via an extensive global network of tour operators and airlines. This delivers the best possible levels of occupancy and performance, producing strong investor returns.

Fractional investments operate in the same way. Revenue is generated from the touristic exploitation of the property. The amount you receive is correspondent to the ownership percentage of your fraction.

Fractions Explained

We offer a variety of fractional investments. You can invest into anything from a quarter to a twentieth, depending on the size of your budget. In fact, there are more than 40 different investment levels to choose from. Prices start from £10,000 for cash investors.

Fractional investments differ slightly from an outright property purchase. The property itself is acquired using a private limited company structure, from which a specific and fixed number of memberships are sold. Each membership effectively represents your fraction of ownership in the property.

As a member you receive a proportion of the rental revenue derived from the property.

The amount you receive is determined by the size of the fraction or membership that you have purchased.

As well as achieving instant capital growth on your investment, you will receive a minimum guaranteed return as soon as the resort opens. For year 1 you will receive a minimum of 5% return, year 2 you will receive a minimum of 6% return, year 3 you will receive a minimum of 7% return.

By year 4 you will enter into the rental scheme as the resort reaches maturity and the return stabilise at these rate of returns.These returns are paid to your quarterly into your desired bank account.

In other words, your money is working for you from the moment you make the investment

The Returns

The return you receive is linked to the tourism performance of Cape Verde, the occupancy level of the resort and the revenues generated by the tour operators. All of these factors are positively affected by the rising number of tourists visiting Cape Verde each year, a trend that is set to continue for many years.

Cape Verde is an ideal destination for those looking for all-year round sunshine and is a popular choice for beach lovers all over the world. An increasing number of tour operators are planning flights to the Islands as they look to capitalise on its growing popularity. Tourism analysts predict the islands are set to rival beach resorts in the Caribbean and the Canaries.

Due to the size of the Islands and legislation restricting the amount of touristic development, investors enjoy protection against over-supply, underpinning the return and maximising potential for capital growth.

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Fractional Ownership Example

The Next Step

Cash purchasers will benefit from a revenue generating asset within a hotel managed resort, and with prices starting at only £10,000, it is an accessible investment for all budgets.

To proceed with a Fractional investment, simply contact us and a member of our sales support team will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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