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Why An Investment Property Makes Sense For Parents

According to Expedia, the average vacation for UK families costs a little over £2,400 and generally lasts for nine days. With rising bills and household costs, this presents a challenge in the modern world. As we all know, the rise in property costs in the UK has been disproportionately large compared to the increase in wages. In recent years, more of our salary goes towards rent, mortgages, and bills than ever before. With this in mind, holidays tend to take a backseat.

What’s more, the same study from Expedia showed that around 60% of parents simply cannot afford to take their children on holiday during summer holidays and other school breaks. Of course, this is a time where prices of flights and accommodation are hiked all around the world. Although it may seem unfair, it’s a simple case of supply and demand and the companies know that people will pay. 

For those parents who can’t stretch so far, they’re forced into cheaper holidays during term time. Suddenly, there’s a £120 fine from the government, the children miss out on their education and risk falling behind, and they also miss important bonding time with their friends. 

These are just a couple of problems that parents face, and it’s a constant battle. We want to go on children’s holidays to provide them with new experiences (not to mention that we need a break from a busy working life ourselves), but struggle to find the money or don’t want to take them out of school…what’s the solution? 

Investment Property – Invest in Cape Verde

Not only is the solution an investment property, it’s an investment property in Cape Verde and there are some key reasons for this we will explore in this guide. Before we look into Cape Verde in particular, what are the benefits of choosing an investment property? 

Guaranteed Income for Three Years – Firstly, this is an investment and one that will yield returns. After you choose your beach resort in an economy and tourist location that’s thriving, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the guaranteed income. When it comes to making an investment, it’s all about risk vs reward; in this case, the rewards are guaranteed. 

Proven Capital Growth – Secondly, as long as you choose the right investment opportunity, it will also have capital growth over time. If we use Cape Verde as an example, the proven capital growth stands at around 7%. What does this mean? By the time you come to sell or move on from your investment, it will be worth significantly more than the amount you paid. 

As you’ve probably realised, this means that there’s a double financial bonus. You’re earning money AND your investment property is increasing in value. But wait, there’s a third. 

Five Weeks of Personal Use – When you invest in a property abroad, you normally get a period of personal use and this is also true for Cape Verde investments. With the very best offering five weeks of personal use, this means you’re not paying hotel bills. If you can’t use five weeks in a single year, offer some time to friends and family and make their lives easier too. 

Regardless of how you decide to allocate the five weeks, you don’t have to find the money for hotel accommodation for your vacation. Therefore, you can see how an investment property can help your finances in three ways; 

  • You get a guaranteed income

  • Your property will increase in value

  • You get free use for up to five weeks

For parents working hard to reward their children and allow them to explore the world, an investment property just makes sense. Children’s holidays are expensive, why not make it easier on your finances with a long-term investment?

Why Cape Verde?

Now we know the merits of an investment property, why should you consider Cape Verde property investment in particular? Here are some benefits; 

Booming Tourism – If you’re going to invest in a beachfront property, you need to know that the property will be filled. Fortunately, demand for accommodation is high in Cape Verde. In 2015, nearly 127,000 people from the UK alone chose to visit Cape Verde. Although Brits are the most likely to visit, Cape Verde is also a popular attraction for people from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. 

Government Protection – Will demand remain high for your property? Absolutely, and the government is helping with this. Since they don’t want the islands to become over-commercialised and ruined with skyscrapers, the government is taking steps to prevent over-development. Considering the largest hotel chains and companies won’t be able to just head to Cape Verde and erect lots of hotels, accommodation supply will remain limited and demand for your property will remain high. 

Stunning Location – Another reason why demand will remain high is because the islands of Cape Verde are so beautiful. With 10 volcanic islands offering picturesque views in every direction, it offers a rewarding break from the technology-laden society in which we live today. In the coming years, holidaymakers will continue to seek this type of break to get away from the stress of life and work; there’s also plenty to see and do for children. 

Brilliant Projects – Finally, just in case you needed any more convincing, there are some luxury hotel resorts that offer investment opportunities. The hotels are managed by reliable and successful partners like Melia Hotels, the market leader in both resort and urban hotels in Europe. The investment process is simple, and you’ll have your five free weeks of personal use to enjoy whenever you like. 

Invest and Save

Whenever the word ‘invest’ is mentioned, most people are short-sighted and only look at what it will cost initially. If you can look beyond this and see that, actually, you’ll earn money, enjoy capital growth, and get free personal use, you’ll notice that the returns are well worth the investment. 

When you spend on a normal holiday, this is money you won’t see ever again. When you invest in a property, you’re allowing your children a great holiday while also investing in their future!

There really isn’t a better time to invest in a thriving tourist destination like Cape Verde. Not only is tourism growing each year, government legislation is in favour of investors and it’s not often we can say this. 

Invest In Cape Verde in partnership with The Resort Group specialize in marketing luxury beachfront properties with fixed net incomes & proven track records of capital growth plus up to 5 weeks of personal use.

If you want to buy property in Cape Verde, we have some fantastic opportunities at Invest in Cape Verde. With beachfront properties and high-quality hotels, you’ll enjoy a fixed annual income, secure freehold investment, five weeks of free use per year, and peace of mind that the hotel is managed by names with a proven track record in the industry. 

After finding an investment, simply book an inspection trip and start earning regular income in no time. Allow us to be your Cape Verde property investment partner; the legislations are on our side and there’s nothing to suggest this will change any time soon!

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8 comments on “Why An Investment Property Makes Sense For Parents

This sounds like a crazy-good idea! You make it sound so enticing. I’m going to discuss this with my family, and see what happens. If we’re going to invest in property, which is a great idea, a beautiful beachfront property sounds perfect! I’ll be back. 🙂


Hi Cathy, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Cathy the mantra of Cape Verde is “No Stress” and now combine that with beachfront investment making this a perfect combination!

Looking forward to helping you with your investment and leaving all that stress behind you, life is too short not to enjoy!


Wow, I learned so much in this article! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information. There is no place like the beach, it such a relaxing place. Your website picture is truly stunning, it looks like such a beautiful place!


Hi Michelle, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Cape Verde really is a wonderful “stress-free” place and for me, nothing beats hearing the sounds of the ocean… so peaceful for the soul.


I can’t believe it is true. what fantastic resorts right on the beach. I sure would like some more information about investing in Cape Verde.
Thank You!


Hi Rich, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Looking forward to helping you and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing your beachfront investment.


Thanks for the article.

My brother has been badgering me to think about investing in Cape Verde for a while and you explain it much better than him so now I want to take a serious look. Can you please tell me about the inspection trips?



Hi Cashain, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Clearly, your brother sees an opportunity for good investment in Cape Verde and maybe time for you to come and experience it for yourself.

Please complete the form on the inspection trip page and we will be happy to provide you with details of our upcoming inspection trip so you can see and experience the resorts before you buy.


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