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Situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa and just one hour south of the Canaries, Cape Verde is a tropical archipelago consisting of ten Islands and five islets. It’s an idyllic location with endless sunshine cooled by gentle sea breezes and year round temperatures of around 25°C to 30°C.

Cape Verde boasts some of the best beaches in the world; famed for their pure white sand and crystal clear waters. It is a true beach lover’s paradise and one that can rival any holiday destination in the world.

Bustling with potential and already established in the industry as a hotspot for property investment, Cape Verde offers unrivalled opportunities for long-term growth and substantial returns through tourism


The story of Cape Verde begins in 1456 when Portuguese seafarers first discovered the Islands. It gained independence from Portugal in 1975 and today it has a stable and democratic political structure with a growing economy.

Why invest in Cape Verde Property?

  • Spectacular growth in tourism with a 115% increase since 2000*

  • The booming tourism industry is the key contributing driver to the strength of the local economy, with a further 5% growth expected this year**

  • Excellent year-round sunny climate

  • Direct flights are available from many cities around the world

  • Flights from the UK take just 5½ hours

  • A renowned sunshine destination with some of the best beaches in the world

  • Politically very stable with a growing economy since the late 1990s

  • Strict environmental controls and regulations for touristic development

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Property investment is protected by strict legislation, allowing only low-density and low-rise development projects to proceed. Not only does this preserve the original character of the Islands, it safe-guards against over development which may lead to an excess of supply, thus protecting your investment for the years ahead.

With it’s year round sunny climate and thriving tourism market, Cape Verde delivers the perfect economic and environmental conditions for a rewarding property investment.

*National Institute of Statistics of Cape Verde **Head of Banco de Cabo Ve

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