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Your Real ROI When Investing in Cape Verde

White Sands Hotel Cape Verde

Previously, we explained why investing in Cape Verde was such a good idea. Now we have this understanding, we want to dig a little deeper into the actual returns. When you spend your hard-earned money, the returns are important, right? Well, let’s break it down! 

Luxury Beachfront Investment 

First things first, you’ll be investing in a five-star luxury beachfront property. Whenever people come from all over the world for their own piece of Cape Verde, they’ll need somewhere to stay, and this is where you come in. With the government protection from over-development, the property won’t suddenly have a wealth of competition so this should ease your worries somewhat. 

At the moment, we have some fantastic investment opportunities at Invest in Cape Verde. For example, you might like the Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, Llana Beach Resort & Spa, or Tortuga Beach Resort. While these are available right now, there’s another that’s currently under construction and it’s highly anticipated in Cape Verde; the White Sands Hotel & Spa

As you can see, these are resorts and offer the facilities for holidaymakers to create memories; they’ll already think about booking again before they’ve left the islands. The accommodation is luxurious, they have the beach on their doorstep, and the spa facilities allow them to reach levels of relaxation they didn’t even know existed. 

Dunas Beach Resort & Spa 

If we use Dunas as an example, we can see the sort of accommodation in which you’re investing. Will it be attractive to those wanting to book a holiday? Almost certainly. As well as the perfect location on Sal Island, there’s a range of accommodation options including studio apartments, villas, and suites. 

Thanks to the coral reef opposite the resort, there’s all sorts of marine wildlife to be discovered too. What’s more, the island itself is picturesque with tropical gardens and all sorts of other natural treats.

Of course, the facilities offer only the best quality and the choice of accommodation means it’s perfect for couples, families, and even groups of families. With the villas offering five bedrooms and a private pool and garden, it becomes a home away from home. 

In truth, it’s an easy sell and this is why you can be confident that this will be a positive addition to your investment portfolio. Guests who stay at the resort will also enjoy; 

  • Access to four bars
  • Free WiFi
  • Four pools
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Amphitheatre for parties and shows
  • Two tennis courts
  • Beach volleyball facilities 

Though this is just one resort, it gives you a better idea of where your money will go. 

Fixed Annual Income 

Let’s talk returns; you aren’t investing just for the five weeks of free use, right? In terms of the finer details and figures, this is something that can be discussed when we first communicate. However, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a fixed annual income. Rather than worrying about the performance of the resort and continually checking, you’ll get a steady stream of income. 

Compared to other assets in an investment portfolio, this offers much more security and it also allows for financial planning. Since you’re assured of a certain amount per year, you can plan in advance and avoid any nasty surprises that may arise with other investments. 

Track Record of Success and Capital Growth

After investing, you aren’t expected to then sell the accommodation to holidaymakers or look after the building. Instead, professionals will look after everything. In fact, these professionals have a track record of not only finding success in beautiful locations but also in overseeing capital growth. This is all great news for you and your money. 

Yes, you’ll get your short-term reward in the shape of fixed annual income. But there’s also a potential for long-term rewards too when the value of the accommodation increases. In any location, these professionals would be highly likely to increase capital growth. In Cape Verde, where the government is preventing over-development and tourism continues to increase, this is even more likely. 

Five Weeks of Personal Use 

Everything we’ve seen so far looks fantastic, right? Well, it’s going to get even better because you’ll have access to your chosen accommodation for five weeks of every year. Whether you want to take your own little slice of heaven for five weeks or split it up between yourselves and your family/friends, this is up to you. Either way, you’ll have access for a full five weeks.  

Suddenly, you’ve probably realised what this means because you’re earning a fixed annual income while also saving money on holidays. Rather than finding money for your own trip, you’ll already have the accommodation covered. All you need to do is book the flights and you’ll be away; therefore, there’s almost a double effect to the investment. 

Earn money with the income

Save money on what you would have spent on your holiday accommodation 


Finally, although we’ve hinted at it throughout this guide, we should also mention the potential when you invest in Cape Verde. As we mentioned in our guide to the benefits of investing in Cape Verde, the number of tourists visiting the islands is expected to increase from 600,000 to nearly 730,000 by 2027 (an increase of over 20%). 

With this in mind, you’re also investing in the potential that this country has. If you’ve invested before, you’ll know that one of the biggest risks is long-term potential. Sure, an investment might look attractive now, but this is redundant when everything goes to waste later down the line. If the expected trends come true, the demand for luxury accommodation in eight years will be even greater than they are now. 

Contact Invest in Cape Verde Today 

If you want to get started this year, feel free to get in touch. We’ll answer any questions you may have, ease concerns, and explain how to get the ball rolling. The real ROI of this investment is much greater than the fixed annual income, and this is why we’re so passionate about the investments we have on offer! 

If you are interested in buying a property in Cape Verde or to get more information about investing in Cape Verde and learn all about the latest properties for sale in Cape Verde and why property in Cape Verde is making such an impact with international property investors, contact us and find out how we can help.

Our property services include a large portfolio of beachfront property investments in Cape Verde with a fixed annual income, proven track record of capital growth and 5 weeks personal use. All our properties for sale in Cape Verde are freehold and are secure investments that appeal to property investors, holiday home owners and beach lovers wishing to finance their holidays whilst making great returns on their money.

Invest in Cape Verde also offer the opportunity to visit our completed properties in Cape Verde to experience one of the 5 star beachfront projects and see why investing in Cape Verde is right for you.

To learn more about our property investment inspection trips contact invest in Cape Verde and we will let you know when our next tours are available.

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